Mr. Ramsey


One day, while watching Gordon Ramsey in “Hell’s Kitchen” for the first time in my life I remember  saying out loud “I could never eat his dishes!” It may have had something to do with the way the food was being prepared – the hectic atmosphere just didn’t seem right. Several years had passed, perhaps more than 10, and there I was, standing in the same kitchen with the great Mr. Ramsey. I wasn’t there as a contestant on the show, but as a chef responsible for helping him prepare his dishes.

I’ve got a few of his books, which I’ve used many times. During my trip to London, I also had the opportunity to eat in one of his restaurants – “The Maze”, awarded a coveted Michelin star. Having said all that, I’d never dreamt of working with  Gordon Ramsey, until my employer at the time, Scandic Hotel in Trondheim, hired the famous chef to cook for a banquet for 600 guests.

Those  following 3 days were a groundbreaking experience for me as a cook. The best ingredients, carefully selected for the occasion, fantastic work atmosphere, a general sense of fulfillment achieved through Gordon’s perfect organisational skills made it all feel like a great cooking feast. It was certainly worth the effort!

When the day of the banquet finally arrived, Mr. Ramsey himself tasted and reviewed the dishes we had prepared. Then he took his time to talk to us individually and we were allowed to take pictures with him.
Television has its own rules, and so does the kitchen. On television the show must go on uninterrupted and the kitchen necessitates flawless organisation. It can only be accomplished by  a highly motivated cooking crew and the right combination of “magic” and energy. On that memorable day, when we were cooking for the aforementioned banquet, all those components were ideally balanced.

It was a great feast for the senses, both for the restaurant employees and for the banquet guests. As for myself, it was a milestone in my professional career.