The kitchen is a very special place.

Each morning I start everything anew. Before breakfast is made, plans are set out for my creations. First, I think about combining different flavours and the way they are going to look on a plate. Then, I meticulously plan out every little detail of my work so that later, when a customer is finally served his meal, the result speaks for itself. There are subtle variables to consider during that process. Those subtleties often make a difference between success and failure.

The art of cooking is about constant self-improvement and following new trends in the business. It is also about paying tribute to classical cooking techniques as well as mastering new skills. Every time I prepare a meal I learn something new.

However, working in the kitchen can be hard and tiresome. It requires standing on your feet for several hours a day. During that time the artistry of cooking is accomplished, often for just one customer. It is like theatre , with one spectator but with many actors on stage.

In the kitchen I have discovered what I value most: energy, mobility, taste, beauty and paying attention to nuance and detail.

Within myself I found what I had been seeking all my life: calmness, resourcefulness – no task is too intimidating for me and I feel I can handle almost anything. Another advantage of “being there” (in the kitchen) is that now I have learnt to smile regardless of the circumstances. Last but not least, my problem solving skills have immensely improved.

Cooking helps me overcome my indecisiveness, laziness and problems associated with completion of a task or project.  It has become a great motivational drive that allows me to fulfill my potential. Thanks to it, I feel that I can set the world on fire.

I find new flavours and inspirations in life during my journeys with my husband, Przemek. It is our passion that winds us up in the right way – towards intensity and action. Przemek and I both love (no necessarily in that order); Portugal, oceans and seas, hiking in the woods and orienteering.  We watch and support Polish teams and competitors in various sports and events, and their wins make us happy. We are especially fond of football and follow all games religiously, no matter whether our team is winning or losing. We also enjoy meeting with our circle of friends, reading books, going to theatre and photography. We both love doing these things together and we love each other.  These pieces of the puzzle make my life complete and are a source of my inspiration in my professional work.

I would like to take that opportunity to invite you to visit my blog. There, you will find my own recipes and dishes. You can also see my projects in the making and places I have recently visited.  I will share with you, the reader, some cooking skills and techniques I have had the privilege to acquire.

I invite you to take a journey to destinations that inspire and cater to many different tastes.

Mira Tkacz